• Test & Measurement

Turbine test cell GUINiniX Technologies develops turn-key test

& measurement systems for stand-alone applications or integrated systems in production lines. These projects include development (software, electronics, mechatronics,…) and realisation (build-up, testing, ramp-up and integration).


As a certifed National Instruments Alliance Partner, we are known for our expertise in data acquisition and communication. A broad spectrum of measurement platforms (from PC-based connectivity to realtime PAC’s or FPGA chips) enables us to develop elegant solutions for tough engineering challenges.These may involve complex mixes of analog and digital I/O, in-line data analysis and communication with external controllers.

Labview environmentThe LabVIEW software development environment lets us integrate measurement and control functionality with important aspects such as user-friendly visualisa-tion, datalogging, database communication and report generation.



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