• Corrosion sensor
    Corrosion sensor

    Development and manufacturing of a corrosion sensor for use in central heating systems

  • Outdoor LED tubes
    Outdoor LED tubes

    Assembly and potting of outdoor LED tubes

The world of IT and electronics is ever changing; new techniques are being developed and the people's perspective on their devices is

In the first phase of the Internet, we were connected to each other (chat services, static web pages...).
In the second phase of the Internet, the phase that we are now exiting, we are connected to servers with by two way communication. People are connected to each other, through a server. This way we exchange data and knowledge.
In the third phase of the Internet (Web 3.0), devices will connect to you. Big data is being collected, analyzed and used to inform the user in an understandable way, without any overhead.

We at NiniX technologies are in constant research to participate in the development of this new phase, as this brings new needs to devices and services:

  • Wireless communication
  • Zero Configuration networking
  • Cloud computing
  • Big data management
  • Pattern recognition
  • Machine Learning systems
  • Advanced power management for long life battery powered devices




To solve this new needs we can help you by developing new products or improving existing products with:

  • LoRa communication
  • Sigfox communication
  • WiFi communication
  • Bluetooth communication
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing
  • Embedded software development
  • Computer application software development
  • Smartphone application software development
  • Data warehouse development
  • Machine Learning
  • Pattern recognition


LoRaSigfoxWireless Community

Development starts with an idea, but doesn’t stop with a prototype. That’s why we offer you:

  • Development by automotive or medical standards, to ensure conformity of the product
  • Excellent in-house graphical design of the product, because appearance does matter
  • CE and IP certification, because safety and quality is one of our main concerns
  • A full production record, what’s a device if it can’t be produced?
  • A production site, we produce for you at competing tariffs with care for quality and improvement
  • Excellent project planning and follow up, know what you get and when you’ll get it
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