• Outdoor LED tubes
    Outdoor LED tubes

    Assembly and potting of outdoor LED tubes

  • Corrosion sensor
    Corrosion sensor

    Development and manufacturing of a corrosion sensor for use in central heating systems

Automated potting of outdoor LED display
Based on our material knowledge, surface treatment and metering & mixing technologies for glues and potting materials, NiniX Technologies develops and manufactures electronic modules for use outdoor, underwater and in harsh environments, such as:
  • Outdoor video LED modules
  • Outdoor and underwater LED lighting
  • IP68 sensors & modules
  • Outdoor access control
  • Central heating sensor modules: corrosion, waterquality


We offer sealing and dispensing of “form/cured in place gaskets” also as a subcontracting service on our robots.

Full protection of outdoor electronics by potting with epoxy, polyurethane rubber or silicones: from thermally conductive materials to fully transparent materials are available.



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